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The dictionary of NCA.

The Dictionary of Nca;

Alif Adab: noun. society formed in 2001 which now signifies water fights- and boring story lines

Angraiz: modern

Baddal: literally meaning cloud. a person with an IQ of less than 90

Dragon: objective term to signify laziness and lack of agility

Dabuzz: 3 beers+1 joint= DABUZZ

Desi: quick fire. joint made by refilling mixture in cigarette

Death: (used as "death hai!") improbable. Kafkaesque.

Jigr: friend, associate, acquaintance. anyone you see.

Level: high quality, one of its league e.g. saud baloch ka sculpture

Mime: goongay.

Miss: unworthy, arbitrary.

Nasreen: textile & fine art. they like plastic girls and love plastic boys.

Nautanki: where genius is manufactured.

Nt mime: where mute experiments are made.

Pervaiz: the quit boy no one notices.

Roachi: ahem.

Shahid: faded jeans, fake branded shirt, ray ban glasses.

Shun: 1 joint.

Plastic: ex-lgs girls who wanted a reason to dress up everyday.

Shape: egoist. plastics and shahids are subcategories.


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